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If experience and business knowledge are essential in our vision, Your and our reputation are the key pieces to our collaboration. This is what our network has to say about us.

Change Director - Asset Manager Pension Fund

Top professionals in the financial industry with a nose for the right match. Substantive distinctive company with a large and valuable network. 

Top professionals in de financiële wereld met een neus voor de juiste match. Inhoudelijk onderscheidend bedrijf met groot en waardevol netwerk.

Manager Data Management - Bank

My opinion about FPI is fairly simple; What I value in FPI is the warm contact, support in challenges we have with good feeling for our relationship. This is not common

Senior Data Manager - Asset Manager Insurance Company

Passionate and in relation with visionary capacities and knowledge of the brand, market and product is the key of your business and personal success. It is very nice doing business.

Head, Investment Risk & Operations - Asset Manager Insurance Company

These guys are a great team to work with: super professional, knowing their clients and markets very well and it is a joy to work with them.

Diese Leute sind ein super professionelles Team: sie haben ein ausgezeichnetes Verständnis von ihren Kunden und dem Markt. Es macht Spass mit beiden zu arbeiten.

IT Delivery Manager & Software Development Lead - Asset Manager Pension Fund

Using the network of FPI, which is full of Asset Management knowledge is a joy. Thank you for our collaboration during the past 9 years.

Product Owner - Asset Manager

When it comes down to finding a specialist in both asset management and a technical area, FPI is able to locate the right person for both the job and our organisation. FPI is always trying to find the best way to help their clients, rather than just filling the vacancy.

Project Manager - Asset Manager Pension Fund

Always in for a good match.

CEO Consulting Company Finance & Asset Management

You cannot solve problems with the same thinking you used when you created them (Albert Einstein). FPI thinks differently and knows how important it is to go beyond dogmas and sacred cows. How? Give them a call.

Team Lead Market Data Management - Asset Manager Insurance Company

One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. - Ulysses by Alfred Tennyson

Team Lead Market Data Management - Asset Manager Insurance Company

Connecting the right people in this niche is an extremely difficult challenge. Through your endurance and creativity you achieve that goal where many fail. Hats off for that!

Het verbinden van de juiste mensen in deze niche is een uiterst lastige uitdaging. Door jullie volhoudingsvermogen en creativiteit bereiken jullie wel het doel wat velen niet lukt. Chapeau daarvoor!

Contract & Vendor Manager - Asset Manager Pension Fund

What I value in our collaboration is the human dimension. Reliable, positive and respectful. With that you distinguish yourself very positively from other parties.

Wat ik zo waardeer in onze samenwerking is de menselijke maat. Betrouwbaar, positief en respectvol. Daarmee onderscheiden jullie je zeer positief duidelijk van andere partijen.

Operation Risk Manager - Asset Manager Insurance Company

I got to know the men of FPI as problem solvers. Men who want to get to know the problem first. And from there, think along with solutions. 

Ik heb de mannen van FPI leren kennen als probleemoplossers. Mannen die het probleem eerst daadwerkelijk willen leren kennen. En van daaruit goed meedenken aan oplossingen.

Change Manager - Asset Manager Pension Fund

Although Frederik and I are pretty much on two ends of the spectrum from a character perspective, we share an amazing interest in hobbies, sports and lifestyle. Business wise we tend to get along very well. Two persons with a very transparent no nonsense result oriented mind. 

Client Line Manager - Asset Manager

FPI is an ideal accelerator to our business as usual. Due to strong experience on Client Delivery they know our market very well and can deliver on short notice and with high quality.

COO Asset Manager Pension Fund

In doing business with FPI It’s not a matter if they succeed in sourcing the right person for the job, but only when the person comes available!

Head of Transition & Change Management - Asset Manager Insurance Company

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

Manager Data Management - Asset Manager Insurance Company

I have experienced FPI as a reliable partner, always able to deliver capable professionals with a very short turnaround time. Chris and Frederik are always available for a soundboard session on professional challenges and very willing to help out! 

Department Manager Ops - Asset Manager Pension Fund

Normally I don't do this, but I would like to make an exception for you: For me FPI is, above all, the maximum response to demands from us as a customer, while not hesitating to also give messages to the customer that the customer may not like. The honest and above all realistic accesment to a challenge , and no hot air. You're judgment is of greater added value than from the usual routes for larger companies.

Normaliter doe ik dit niet, maar maak graag uitzondering voor jullie. FPI is voor mij vooral het maximaal inspelen op een vraag van ons als klant, en daarbij niet schromen om ook een boodschap aan de klant te geven die de klant mogelijk niet zint. De eerlijke en vooral realistische boodschap, en geen gebakken lucht. Het inschattingsvermogen van jullie is van groter toegevoegde waarde dan gebruikelijke routes voor grotere bedrijven.

Change Director - Asset Manager

Frederik and Chris know how to connect the business and personal side to each other and you can literally and figuratively build on that together!

Frederik en Chris weten de zakelijke en persoonlijke kant met elkaar te verbinden en daar kun je letterlijk en figuurlijk (samen) op verder bouwen!

Sr. Data Manager / Team Lead SME - Asset Manager Pension Fund

FPI, by celebrating you 15th birthday you prove once again that Trust is built with consistency. Within my stint with FPI you taught me that ‘Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is’ and always gave me great opportunities as a consultant in my career. With in Netherlands if one wishes for any new opportunities than without any doubt my first preference would be to contact FPI  who are great mentors and Coach!

एफपीआई, आपको 15 वें जन्मदिन मनाकर आप साबित करते हैं कि ट्रस्ट स्थिरता के साथ बनाया गया है एफपीआई के साथ मेरे कार्यकाल में आपको सिखाया जाता है कि परिवर्तन एक खतरा नहीं है, यह एक मौका है। मेरे करियर में सलाहकार के रूप में मेरे पास हमेशा बेहतरीन अवसर हैं मेरे करियर में सलाहकार के रूप में मेरी नौकरी के साथ मैं एफपीआई से संपर्क करना चाहता हूं जो महान सलाहकार और कोच हैं!

Lead Vendor Manager - Market Data specialist - Asset Manager

Once you start a relationship with FPI you can be sure you have a sustainable business partner for a long time.  FPI gets my thumbs up.

Change & Information Manager - Asset Manager Pension Fund

Difference is usually in the details: maintenance of contacts even if there is no direct business question, understanding what the need is and looking for a really suitable candidate. Tailormade quality! 

Verschil zit meestal in de details: onderhoud van contacten ook als er geen direct zakelijk vraag ligt, het begrijpen wat de behoefte is en het zoeken naar een echt passende kandidaat. Tailormade kwaliteit!

Sr. Business Analyst Performance & Risk - Asset Manager

A partnership with FPI will help you to boost innovation. FPI will select the right consultants for a smooth introduction of new technology.

Sr. Developer, Technology Analyst

Transparent, insightful and trustworthy, has been a pleasure to work together with FPI!!

पारदर्शी, अंतर्दृष्टि और भरोसेमंद, एफपीआई के साथ एक महान काम है !!

Developer Data Management

FPI are one of the most gentle, transparent and honest professionals I have worked so far in my career. 

एफपीआई मेरे करियर में काम करने वाले सबसे सभ्य, पारदर्शी और ईमानदार पेशेवरों में से एक हैं।

Operations Specialist Asset Management

FPI are true professionals with a high service level and who have made very good use of  talent and network to find and approach the right partners to make the perfect match for me. I enjoy working with them .

Software Engineer & Developer Data Management

As a contractor I see Frederik and Chris as reliable business partners that are also looking out for my interests by getting me top rate contracts with clients I enjoy working at.

As 'n kontrakteur sien ek Frederik en Chris as betroubare sakevennote wat ook na my belange kyk deur vir my bobaas kontrakte te kry by kliënte waar ek geniet om by te werk.

Business Analyst & Operations Office Asset Management

Good frequent contacts and support on the job, building good relations with project teams and clients.  Had a good time working with FPI.

Sr. Business Analyst Risk Management

Determined, pro active, humourous, overall a very kind and pleasant guys to work with. Put business not always first but also very social. Was as a pleasure to work with him and if possible I would be delighted to work with him again.

Sr. Business Analyst , Front Office SME

‘Where common sense meets clients needs ‘

Technical lead Business Application Development and Data Management SME

What an awesome 15 years it must have been. I know for sure that the last 10 years have indeed been awesome having had the privilege to work with you in that time.

Sr. Project Manager Asset Management

FPI are energetic people with deep understanding of the needs of their asset management clients and with sound knowledge of the skills and capabilities of their consultants. In finding the right resource to fulfill the needs of the clients they really focus on matchmaking across several dimensions to arrive at the perfect fit. They provide the right setting to make the consultant and the client happy!

Data Management expert

FPI can be a wonderful teller of your career stories.

FPI 与你携手谱写你的全新职业规划

Product Owner & Sr. Business Analyst Fund Accounting

FPI is a very good and honest broker.  From initial phase of organising contract negotiation/details, through on-boarding and then to business as usual, the team at FPI have been working and representing my best interests all along.  I will continue to highly recommend FPI.

Sr. Business Analyst Asset Management

Understanding the client assures a good fit. FPI really understands the business,  what results in solutions that actually fit.  

Sr. Consultant & Business Analyst Alternative Investements

With FPI I found a competent and reliable partner. Since I work as a freelancer in Germany and continue to live there, FPI offered me a customized solution for the Netherlands through partners in their network. The ongoing cooperation is simple and unbureaucratic. In short FPI is fast, competent, well networked and trusting.

Ich habe mit FPI einen kompetenten und zuverlässigen Partner gefunden. Da ich in Deutschland als Freelancer tätig bin und dort auch weiterhin meinen Wohnsitz habe, wurde mir über das Netzwerk von FPI eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung für die Niederlande angeboten. Die laufende Zusammenarbeit gestaltet sich einfach und unbürokratisch. Kurzum FPI ist schnell, kompetent, gut vernetzt und vertrauensvoll.

Sr. Business Analyst

The cooperation with FPI works simple, unbureaucratic and  competent.

Die Zusammenarbeit mit FPI gestaltet sich einfach, unbürokratisch und kompetent.

Sr. Business Analyst Risk and Asset Management

My experience working with FPI is cherished. It is so rare to work with kind and honest yet very professional people. They care for their family of clients, and this is certainly one of their recipes for success. I'm grateful you have helped me on so many occasions. Thank you so much!

Sr. Business Analyst Asset Management

First thing came to my mind for FPI is No BS company. However, BS is not the word that one should use formally. So I would like to contribute:  FPI is a No No-nonsense Company or NonsCo.

Sr. Business Analyst, Risk and Data Management consultant Asset Management

What makes them so special: they are good listeners - and that is a trait that is scarce, which is why they understand the clients challenges and there is almost always a 100% match between the client and the interim professional.

Wat hen zo bijzonder maakt : ze kunnen goed luisteren - en dat is een eigenschap die schaars is. Mede daardoor begrijpen zij de wensen van potentiële opdrachtgevers goed en is er vrijwel altijd sprake van een 100 % match tussen opdrachtgever en de interim professional.

Sr. Business Analyst SME Alternative Investments

FPI placed me on assignment from overseas. Everything was transparent, the move was made easy for me, and I was able to focus immediately on my new role due to the headstart I was given in my new country

Project Manager, Business Analyst Compliance, Financial Regulation & Risk Management Asset Management

I have experienced the cooperation with FPI as very pleasant. Through their good contacts and input they bring you on an assignment that is a great match for both the client and the candidate. FPI is reliable and they do what they say they do!

De samenwerking met FPI heb ik als zeer prettig ervaren. Door hun goede contacten en ingangen brengen zij je op een opdracht die een prima match is, voor zowel de opdrachtgever als voor de kandidaat. FPI is betrouwbaar en zij doen wat ze zeggen!

Risk Manager & Performance Analyst Asset Management

A perfect balance between personal and business approach


Sr. Business Analyst / Project Manager Asset Management & Banking

I have known FPI since 2008 and I have experienced them to be persons that actually listen to the needs that you as a professional share with them: about your view on how your new assignment should look like, which challenges you see for yourself to be experienced, what kind of persons thrive you and make you better. I have appreciated and still appreciate the connection we have. I do recommend getting in touch with them and make use of their very extensive circle of contacts and views they have.

Sr. Process Business Analyst Finance

Frederik is the most enthusiastic guy I know. Loaded with energy, and interesting leads. He is always there were it's happing in the market connecting the right people.

Frederik is de meest enthousiaste vent die ik ken. Boordevol energie, en interessante leads. Hij bevindt zich altijd in het vuur van de markt en koppelt de juiste mensen aan de juiste opdracht.

Technical Business Analyst and Product Owner Asset Management

They have the rare abillity to even listen when talking. Every opinion / word is heard.